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How StudyNet Can Help You...

We will map your skilled migration visa pathway in our first meeting and going forward we manage the case step by step right up until your visa is granted. We make sure our clients follow all the required milestones in order to secure a favorable outcome  such as:

  • Identifying key dates when you become eligible to apply
  • Notice of intention to marry or registration of de facto status (if applicable)
  • Key relationship evidence is required when you apply
  • Applying in Australia vs overseas
  • Obtaining visitor visas or other bridging visas

Types of Skilled Migration Visas

A Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is a permanent work visa for persons who have the talent or academic qualifications required by the Australian economy and are selected or funded by the Australian territory.


A visa for qualified subclass 190 nominees consists of points and allows qualified workers nominated by the Australian Government to work and live in Australian territory as permanent occupants.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have a corresponding occupation in the list of 189 or 190 occupations (MLTSSL or STSOL)
  • Have an appropriate evaluation of skills for an occupation
  • Submit an EOI and be asked to apply
  • Meet the score of 65 points (as of July 1, 2018)
  • Should be between 18 to 44 years of age
  • Should have fluent English
  • Be asked to apply from the department of Home affairs.

Fulfill character and health requirements

Permanent resident in Australia (PR), also known as the Skilled Independent - Subclass 189 Visa, is designed for people whose skills are needed to fill a skills gap in Australia. This visa provides the opportunity to migrate to Australia and work anywhere in the territory. The candidate has to fulfill the eligibility criteria for a successful application for a Skilled Independent Visa. This required fluent English, professional work experience, and academic qualification that is demanded in the Australian market. Being an essential requirement, Qualification is no longer the obligatory requirement for this visa subclass. The profession of the applicant must be included in the medium- and long-term strategic list of qualified professionals - MLTSSL for Australian migration. The next step is the evaluation of a candidate in Australia concerning authorities for his profession i.e., field experience, professional skills, and academic degrees are weighted against Australian migration standards for a certain job.


The stream is designed for point-tested trained employees who are not funded by a family member or worker or referred by a state or regional government. It allows the candidate to live and work in Australian territory as a permanent resident.

For the flow of qualified independents (verified by points) you need to submit an expression of interest. If you are a New Zealand citizen, you can apply for a qualified independent visa (subclass 189) (New Zealand).

Eligibility Criteria:

  • have a corresponding occupation in the list of 189 occupations (MLTSSL)
  • have an appropriate assessment of skills for training.
  • Submit an EOI and be invited to apply
  • correspond to a point score of 65 points (as of July 1, 2018)
  • Age between 18-44 years
  • have fluent English
  • be invited to apply from the Ministry department of the Interior Home Affairs.

Must fulfill the character and health requirements

Visa holders will be eligible to apply for a Permanent Residence visa after three years. Applicants for this visa must be nominated by:

  • Australian territory or state government agency or
  • Is funded by the relevant family member living in the selected regional sector and is invited to apply for a subclass 491 visa after submitting a declaration of interest (EOI) to Skill Select.

The Skilled Regional (temporary) Work visa for subclass 491 of skilled workers will replace the current visa 489 and will start on November 16, 2019. Visa 491 is a competent and point-verified visa. It has an age limit of 45 years and demands a positive evaluation of skills.

The validity for a Skilled Regional Work visa is 5 years. Conditions will be introduced, namely, 8579, which will impose the implementation of the government's intentions to ensure that visa holders can study, work, and lives only in selected regional areas. Visa holders can move between regions. Regional areas are well-defined as any region except Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Essential Variation: Gold Coast and Perth are categorized as regional areas. The applicant can work in any profession and for any employer according to the working and living conditions attached to his visa.

The holder of a new subclass 491 visa is not eligible to apply for a majority of other skills-based Australian visas unless he has completed at least three years in a selected regional district unless there are emergency situations. In addition, similar to the present provisions for the visa program of subclasses 482 and 457, holders of the latest temporary visas may be adversely affected by the mismatch of sponsors.

Invited Pathway

You might be eligible to apply for this visa if invited. When we sent your letter of invitation, you must also have:

  • been nominated by an Australian State or Territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a designated area.
  • nominated an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupations list.
  • a suitable skills assessment for that occupation.
  • not yet turned 45 years of age.
  • achieved the score specified in your letter of invitation based on the factors in the points test.
  • at least competent in English.

Why You Should Choose Us

Requirements Gathering

We prepare your file that you will meet the requirements when the time comes to lodge your application

Documents Gathering

Specific guidance on how to obtain the documentary evidence for your application


Provide guidance to prepare your personal statutory declarations and review them for consistency and completeness


Lodgement of your application on time and complete before any deadline

Review under Department policy

Careful review of all documents to ensure you meet the standards required under Department policy

De Facto Visa

Guidance on registration of de facto relationships (for de facto applicants)    

Verificaiton of Documents

Guidance on police checks, sponsor applications and health checks including when to arrange for them         

Bridging and Visitors visas

Guidance on bridging visas (for our onshore clients) and visitor visas (for our offshore clients)