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Our motto is "Reliance, Honesty & Commitment". That's why; at StudyNet it is important to us to always provide you with a reliable, proficient and professional service. We have guidelines that serve your best interests and means you can trust in us......

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Australian education is distinguished worldwide. It is at the vanguard of new technology and innovations. Australia has single nationwide system of qualifications known as Australian Qualification Training and Framework. The AQTF ensures that the....


Though most of us dream to study abroad, owing to the tedious formalities involved in the admission process only few finally get it through. We, at Studynet, serve you devotedly to handle all the procedures successfully. Unlike other consultants....

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* Want to get a sponsor in Australia? Study 2 years of Certificate III and Diploma in Hospitality and get the Training and Research Visa (TRV). Talk to our Counselors for further details.   StudyNet is pleased to announce a special offer to our valued clients to the tune of Scholarship with a view to promote our business. Overseas clients are especially encouraged to have liaison wit...

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Education Consultant involves precision, access to comprehensive government and institutional information, and need to remain up-to-date with frequently changing visa and admission requirements. We proudly partner with the prominent and leading educational institutions, service providers in Australia & overseas to ensure our course information and services always up to date.


  • Marleynda Marico:
    Herewith, I would like to share my great experience with Study Net. Currently, I conduct an observation and discussion with several educational consultants regarding to the higher studies that I intend to choose. Among all the educational consultants that I had met, Study Net is quite outstanding. As an educational consultant, Study Net has opened the world's window to me. I was very impressed since the updated information has developed and broadens my knowledge. Indeed, their guidance has leaded me to make a good decision.
    Furthermore, I would like to express gratitude to all staff at Study Net for their kind assistance since the application process, university selection, visa application process until selecting the living accommodation. Especially for Mr. Hossain, I really appreciate his special advice, opinion, consideration and continuous support during the whole procedure. Without him and Study Net, I believe that it would be impossible to going through a long and difficult process. Once again, thank you for being a reliable source and a good educational consultant. Keep up the good work.
  • Charles Bompay:
    My name is Charles Bompay and I'm from France. Australia is a beautiful vibrant country full of life and culture. A country where one can easily adjust.
    No doubt, StudyNet played an important role in my adjustment to my new life in Australia. From the first moment they offered me support and assisted me in the most important area which is none other than studies.
  • Libby Watkins:
    Studying abroad is one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to all the students out there!  Not only will you become more independent but also you will discover what you really want! As for the challenges you might face they will only teach you how to make it happen!! I would like to say a big thank you to StudyNet for their invaluable assistance in providing information, helping me find a part-time job, greeting me at Sydney airport and all their on-going support.
  • Arianna Menea:
    My name is Arianna Menea, I’m from Italy, I'm 24 years old and I've been to Sydney from last 2 months, so far. I'm studying General English in KingsWay Institute at the City campus.
    The service at StudyNet was awesome. What I loved most about the procedure was how tailored it was to my specific profile. Discussions with my consultant made me more aware of my strengths and helped me articulate them fully on my applications. I couldn't have done this without his guidance.

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